Mallorca Island Hike

Spring 2018

Mallorca is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to what one thinks of in Spain.  It is a Catalan speaking island in Spain with a fiercely independent culture and a string of spectacular mountains called the Tramuntana range that creates the “backbone” of Northwest Mallorca and has been awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO.  It has an unusual mix of spectacular coastline, beaches and mountain trails.  We will hike along this mountain range and over the course of the week follow the backbone and alternate between ascents and descents from the beautiful coastline at sea level up to and along this range and back down again.  Our evenings will be spent in comfortable hotels and enjoying the excellent local Mallorcan food and drink.  There will be plenty of time to soak up the local culture during the late afternoons and evenings.  This is a moderately challenging adventure and those people used to hiking 4-5 hours at a time should find this trip well within their capabilities.

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