Swiss alps

Summer 2018

Switzerland is a geographically small, landlocked country but has an incredible array of mountains, lakes, cultures, languages, food and spectacular hikes.  This series of hikes over a week takes the Alpine scenery to a whole new level and we walk and hike relatively uncrowded paths across some epic mountain passes.  We begin this trip in the French speaking part of Switzerland and over the course of a week make our way to Zermatt at the end of an incredibly scenic valley in the German speaking part of Switzerland.  This journey will end with the spectacular walk along the Edelweissweg with incredible Matterhorn views.  During this time we will undertake some challenging yet beautiful hikes and spend our evenings in comfortable hotels and enjoy excellent local food and drink, taking advantage of some excellent Swiss wine that is only produced and sold for local consumption. This is a challenging hike with ascents of up to 1,300 meters per day but should be within the capabilities of people who are fit and used to hiking 5 to 7 hour days.  

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